About Me

About Za'bassa Ahrkaron

Why want to know about me?(on blast) Weird bitches.

Hello there, N.S.A., Nice seeing you visiting my webpage, there is no porn for you here, but outdated memes.

Fine, I am a IDM/Gabber Artist and I make my own music rarely.

I made this site out of pure enjoyment and boredom.

I am a old /g/fag and a regular visitor to 4chan

E-mail: Lekekspepe@gmail.com & Ballzsanic@gmail.com


I reccomend you to these websites, it's very entertaining!

PrincessToots: http://princesstoots.neocities.org/

SporkMagic: http://sporkmagic.neocities.org/

I hope you enjoy the website.

Help fund me, so I can move to Rotterdam to pursue my dream of performing in music clubs.


This site is owned by Za'bassa Ahrkaron. If you duplicate his site. HE WILL FIND YOU!Copyright 2016!

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